Introducing Spacepak's ThinWall: Heating and Cooling

Heating and Cooling ThinWall

ThinWall fan coils are the ultra-sleek alternative to HighWall fan coils or can be used in conjunction with them for optimum flexibility. Perfectly conditioned air is quietly distributed through a cross-flow blower configuration with integrated air-guiding technology. ThinWall units offer versatility for both heating and cooling while operating up to 30% more efficient than traditional emitters. Units offer custom zoning through integrated intelligent controls which can modulate based on environmental conditions.

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Quiet Space-Saving Design
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Energy Efficient 3-Way Valve
  • Hydronic Based - No Refrigerant
  • Remote COntrol Thermostat (Optional)
  • Cross-Flow Blower
  • Easy Installation
  • Active Carbon Air Filtration
  • 8500 - 14,600 BTUh Heating Capacity
  • 1900 - 13,500 BTUh Cooling Capacity
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