Introducing Spacepak's HighWall: Heating and Cooling

93% efficient condensing boiler and domestic hot water

HighWall fan coils are the perfect indoor complement to our Solstice heat pumps. HighWall fan coils provide optimum heating and cooling in one classic design. HighWall fan coils are designed for higher in colder climates and use an electric 3-way valce for reduced energy consumption and increased efficiency.

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Quiet Space-Saving Design
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Energy Efficient 3-Way Valve
  • Low Ambient Capable Heat Emitter
  • Hydronic Based - No Refrigerant
  • Remote Control Thermostat
  • Auto-Swing Damper for Uniform Air Distribution
  • Easy Installation
  • EC Step-Less Speed Modulation (15% - 100%)
  • 7,400 - 20,000 BTUh Heating Capacity
  • 3,200 - 12,600 BTUh Cooling Capacity
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