AirCell Unit


  Heating Cooling
Entering Water Temperature 160°F 42°F
Btu/h 24,000 9,000
Tons - .75
Watts 90 90
CFM 250 300
EER 13.7 14.0
Flow Rate GPM 5
Weight (lbs) 39

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Introducing Aircell
one of the most energy efficient lightweight air distribution modules available today

30% Less Energy

EC variable speed fan technologies use over 30% less energy when compared to traditional on/off configurations and over 50% less energy when used in a cascade fashion with multiple AirCell modules linked through AirCell's integrated control board.

Heating, Cooling and Ventilation All In One

AirCell works in conjunction with any hydronic supply system, including: boilers, reverse cycle chillers, heat pumps and geothermal.

Maximize Boiler Efficiency

When connected to today's high-efficiency condensing boilers, AirCell guarantees ultra-efficiency by utilizing lower supply water temperatures thereby maximizing the performance of your boiler investment.

Simple, Cost Effective, and Virtually Invisible Installation

No visual obstacles as seen with other air distribution equipment, keeping your décor as you planned: visually beautiful and ultimately comfortable.

Installer friendly, ultra-lightweight design is easily installed by a single technician. No thermostat wiring and no bulky main supply plenums to run. Just simple hot and cold water quick-connections and SpacePak's patented 2" flexible distribution with Kwik-Connect System tubing, and you have an instant total comfort solution.

Intelligent Integrated Control

AirCell's integrated control platform continuously monitors the zone return and water coil sensors while controlling the fan speed and zone dampers in response to the programmed set-points (including on/off times, fresh air percentage, temperature and numerous other custom variables).

Communication and programming is performed through either traditional, wall-mounted thermostat controls or using a WiFi 802.11 enabled device, including smart phones and computers.

Whisper Quiet

AirCell operates at 22 dBA @ 3' (As quiet as rustling leaves 1)

Uniform Temperatures

Like all other SpacePak air distribution systems, AirCell operates using the "Aspiration" principle, which thoroughly blends room air and eliminates temperature stratification while using a much lower volume of input air when compared to traditional systems.

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