Introducing Spacepak's J Series: High-Efficiency Air Handlers

93% efficient condensing boiler and domestic hot water

SpacePak's J Series air handlers feature high efficiency variable speed EC motors for consistent air flow delivery even at reduced speeds. When coupled with 2-stage condensers, the J series offer improved efficiencies over standard single speed PSC motors, resulting in greater comfort in all operating modes with substantially reduced energy costs.

Standard Features and Benefits

  • High Efficiency EC Integrated Motor/Blower Technology
  • Easy Field Adjustable Motor Staging
  • 230V Standard Configuration Optional 120V Conversion
  • Heat Pump Compatible
  • Thermal Expansion Valve
  • Factory Installed Chatleff Fitting for TXV
  • Anti-Frost Control
  • Integrated Control Board
  • 6-Row Copper/Aluminum Evaporator Coil
  • Sweat-Type Refrigerant Connections
  • Insulated Grey Cabinet
  • Float Switch
  • Condensate Trap
  • Mold Resistant Primary Drain Pan
  • Anti-Vibration Foam Strips
  • Mode Specific Adjustable Speed Control
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