ThermaPak Ratings and Technical Engineering Data

Nominal heat input 160,000 Btu/hr
Minimum heat input 30,000 Btu/hr
Efficiency 93%*
*DOE Heating capacity is based on standard test specified by the United States Department of Energy.
D.H.W. heat output 142,400 Btu/hr
Instantaneous D.H.W. production (75°F rise) 4 gal/min
Maximum heating temperature 190°F
Maximum heating pressure 30 Psi
Maximum pressure of domestic hot water circuit 125 Psi
Capacity of expansion tank 2.64 gal
Nominal power supply voltage 120/60 V/Hz
Electric power 170 W
Flue gas pipes diameter (split) (polypropylene) 3"
Flue gas pipes max. length (split) (polypropylene) 300 ft
Flue gas pipes diameter (concentric) (polypropylene) 2.36" / 3.94"
Flue gas pipes max. length (concentric) (polypropylene) 70 ft
CO contents (0% O with natural gas) 15 p.p.m.
NOx contents (0% O with natural gas) 15 p.p.m.
Dimensions LxDxH(approximate) 20" x 10" x 33"
Connections (supply - return - D.H.W. - D.C.W. - gas) 3/4"
Weight 100 lbs

* AFUE (DOE Seasonal Efficiency) %

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