Historic home preservation central heating and air installation Geothermal heating and refrigerant cooling with small duct high velocity SpacePak Central Air used in EnergyWise home because it is energy efficient

Hiding Ductwork

Turn-of-the-Century and pre-war houses have their charm, but lack of central cooling and heating systems. SpacePak systems can be installed without injuring the aesthetics (and decorative-plaster surfaces) of a period interior.
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Geothermal Application

This three-story home features cathedral ceilings, an open floor plan, challenging angles, and a walkout basement with sunroom. The steady heat delivered by the ground-source heat pump and the location of the high-velocity air outlets in the ceiling, walls, and floors, is designed to deliver comfort to all levels of the home.
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Bob Vila EnergyWise Home

The EnergyWise home is a showcase for energy-efficient design ideas, high performance building materials, and environmentally sound products that outperform traditional building products in any building or remodeling project.
"SpacePak was chosen because no other system can provide such superior comfort, efficiency and ease of installation"
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