SpacePak makes it possible to install central heating and cooling in any home or small business; regardless of structure design, age, size or type of construction. SpacePak is an air distribution system which uses a principle known as aspiration - as the air stream enters the room, it creates a gentle mixing of air in the room to provide thorough, comfortable draft-free air circulation. SpacePak eliminates stratification with a minimum floor-to-ceiling temperature difference.

Below is a list of climate control products offered by SpacePak with a brief overview of capabilities and features. Also listed is any related literature. Click on the titles for more information (where available) or download the appropriate literature.

Small Duct High Velocity Central Air Conditioning Fan Coil Units

ESP-J | High Efficiency Air Handlers

ESP-J High Efficiency Air Handlers
  • High Efficiency EC Integrated Motor/Blower Technology
  • Easy Field Adjustable Motor Staging
  • 230V Standard Configuration Optional 120V Conversion
  • Heat Pump Compatible
  • Thermal Expansion Valve
  • Factory Installed Chatleff Fitting for TXV
  • Manual J Load Calculation
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HighWall | Heating & Cooling

HighWall Heating and Cooling
  • Quiet Space-Saving Design
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Energy Efficient 3-Way Valve
  • Low Ambient Capable Heat Emitter
  • Hydronic Based - No Refrigerant
  • Remote COntrol Thermostat
  • Manual J Load Calculation
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ThinWall | Heating & Cooling

HighWall Heating and Cooling
  • Quiet Space-Saving Design
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Energy Efficient 3-Way Valve
  • Hydronic Based - No Refrigerant
  • Remote COntrol Thermostat (Optional)
  • Cross-Flow Blower
  • Manual J Load Calculation
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Solstice - Reverse Cycle Heat Pumps

AirCell Solstice Reverse Cycle Heat Pumps

Solstice heat pumps work similar to conventional heat pumps by circulating refrigerant, which vaporizes at a low temperature in its enclosed evaporator producing additional energy in the process. Further concentration of the conditioned warm vapor occurs in SpacePak's dual programmable compressor raising it to a temperature where it can be circulated through a matching SpacePak WCSP air handler for distribution to the occupied space.

  • Enhanced Vapor Injection Technology (EVI)
  • 48,000 BTU/h at 0°F at 140°F Heating Supply
  • 4 Ton at 95°F at 47°F Cooling Supply
  • Highest R-410A COP and EER
  • Green Hydronic Energy – No Refrigerant in Occupied Space
  • Low Ambient Freeze Protection
  • Manual J Load Calculation
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AirCell all-in-one, high efficiency air handler

ESP-G | Horizontal Air Handler

ESP-G Horizontal Air Handler Small Duct High Velocity
  • System diagnostic flash codes
    • Fan prove
    • Float Switch
    • Freeze-stat
  • Plug-in ACM Connection
  • Simplified thermostat wiring
  • Manual J Load Calculation

ESP-V | Refrigerant Cooled Central Air Conditioning/Heat Pump System

ESP-V Refrigerant Cooled Fan Coil Unit
  • Vertical blower unit
  • R-22/R-410A refrigerant
  • 2 to 5 tons
  • Heat pump and cooling only units available
  • Optional electric duct heater or hot water coil
  • Manual J Load Calculation

SpacePak Heating Products

ThermaPak® High Efficiency, Compact Gas-Burning Condensing Boiler

ThermaPak - 93% AFUE efficient condensing boiler
  • 30 MBH to 160 MBH
  • Environmentally "green" – NOx 15 ppm
  • 93% - Certified DOE efficiency
  • 5:1 Continuous Modulation
  • Major Components Fully Enclosed:
    • Circulator Pump Mounted & Wired
    • Instantaneous Domestic Hot Water
    • Expansion Tank & Air Vent
  • Concentric Vent Kit
energy efficient boiler - copper hot water coil natural gas burning high efficiency boiler - heat exchanger

Boiler Overview
Ratings & Engineering Data
Heating Capacity


WaterPak® Hydronic Coils

WaterPak - Hydronic Coil for horizontal and vertical fan coil units
  • High-output 4 row coil.
  • Easily mounts directly to all SpacePak fan coil units.
  • 5/8" copper connections.
  • Coils encased in a sheet metal cabinet.

ElectriPak® Integral Electric Heat Module

ElectriPak - Electric heat module for SpacePak fan coil units
  • Installs directly into fan coil unit - does not require any ductwork configuring or assembly
  • Modulating heat
  • Duct sensor located in the air stream monitors discharge temperature
  • Solid State power controllers
  • ETL Listed as a component of the SpacePak system
  • Includes both automatic and manual reset thermal cutouts
  • Can be used in conjunction with heat pumps
  • Preset modulating output to maintain maximum discharge air temperature regardless of load conditions
  • 24V control wiring
  • Fail safe circuitry - all controls de-energize the heater which prevents runaway overheating conditions

Electric Duct Heater

Electric Duct Heater, a heating option for SpacePak SDHV Central Air Conditioning
Heater Rating BTU May be used with
BM-6927 10KW 34,000 Esp2430D,V,E,F
BM-6928 15KW 51,000 Esp3642D,V,E,F
BM-6928 20KW 68,000 Esp4860D,V,E,F
  • Cost effective way to provide supplementary heat
  • Heater is UL listed for zero clearance to combustible.
  • Unit is installed downstream of the air handler, a minimum of 48" in the horizontal position.
  • Available in 208/230 Volts
  • Can be used with 9" round duct directly or a field transition can be provided when using our factory supplied 8x8 duct board with a square to round transition.

SpacePak Small Duct High Velocity HVAC Accessories

PurePak® Air Filtration Unit

PurePak Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Filtration System
  • Protects you and your family from airborne allergens,
    bacteria, molds, pollen, smoke, fine dust particles and VOCs
  • 97% capture efficiency of contaminants down to .3 microns
  • Safe, patented operation does not create ozone
  • Easy, low-cost maintenance
  • 5-year powerhead warranty

SmartSeal® Leakproof Duct

Smart Seal
SmartSeal Leakproof, Clean, Small Duct
  • 100% Leak Resistant (to 10" W.C.)
  • SmartSeal's slip-fit joint connections with patent-pending gasket system.
  • Recyclable Material
  • Made from up to 58% Recycled Materials
  • LEED points eligible

ZonePak® Zoning Damper System for SpacePak

ZonePak - damper system for dividing SpacePak into separate climate control zones

Unique, air-driven damper system is guided by multiple independent, pre-programmed thermostats, creating up to three separate zones utilizing a single air handler. This allows the air handler to run more efficiently; reducing overall energy consumption and costs.

What is Zoning?
Why Zoning?
Heat Gain/Cooling Load Info
SpacePak Zoning Requirements
Damper Installation
ModuPass Damper
Zone Valve Interface Control
Zoning Case Study
Damper Warranty


Air Control Module (ACM)

The new Air Control Module (ACM) brings the control of ECM technology to small duct high velocity (SDHV) applications. The ACM enables the perfect matching of the SpacePak air distribution system with the widest range of energy efficient outdoor units. Precision air volume control allows for maximum energy savings and home owner comfort. Even greater efficiencies can be achieved when coupled with our new 93% efficient ThermaPak combi boiler.

ACM technology provides the means to accurately and efficiently control air flow volume for:

ACM - Air Control Module
  • Zoning
  • Air Circulation
  • Indoor Air Quality Filtration
  • Night Set-Back
  • Soft Start - Soft Stop
Standard (white) Cast Aluminum (white) Cast Aluminum (grey) Cast Aluminum (black) Brass Red Oak (unfinished) Surface Mounted Open Red Oak (unfinished) Flush Mounted Open Red Oak Flush Mounted Louvered Red Oak Surface Mounted Louvered Slotted Diffuser
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